Connected by hearts. Linking young SCA survivors & youth living with a heart condition.

Connected by Hearts is a community that provides education, support, and networking to young sudden cardiac arrest survivors and those living with a heart condition. We all took our own path to get here but we can continue the journey Connected by Hearts.

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Why Connect?


We all come to Connected by Hearts from different places. Many of us have experienced a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), while others were diagnosed with heart issues prior to having an event. Some of us still don’t have a specific diagnosis. Several of us are living with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker.

Because of your condition you might have had to make lifestyle changes that have impacted your school experience, team activity or relationships. Maybe you’re sad, mad or scared about what happens next. Whatever our story, we all share some commonalities. Our lives can be challenging but we know we can gather strength and compassion from each other.

We welcome you to connect with this community through Discord, whether it’s your story, or it’s your friend or sibling who has been affected, feel free to ask questions and reach out to us. We will provide answers to the best of our ability, with the opportunity to connect with people who can understand your personal situation.


  • Nurse driving by group of boys stops and saves 17-year-old as he suffers heart attack
  • More defibrillator stations installed in Sonoma
  • School staff save West Michigan 1st grader from cardiac arrest
  • Bleeding control, defibrillator equipment would be required in schools under proposed bill
  • VIDEO: Hillsborough deputies save high school student using CPR, defibrillator
  • Valley pre-teen athlete says routine visit led to life-altering diagnosis
  • Bayonne High School student welcomed home after collapsing in class from irregular heartbeat
  • SC lawmakers propose a bill to reduce death due to cardiac arrest in schools
  • Lawmakers to consider bill requiring AEDs in all Georgia schools
  • Over half of children with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest experience 1 adverse safety event

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